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Battery-Powered Car

Battery-Powered Car

Key Stage 2 and 3
The Battery-Powered Car is great for demonstrating a clean form of power using direct drive.
The car is powered by two 1.5 volt batteries, which are contained in a holder with a switch. This then runs the motor with a pulley fitted to the drive shaft. Another pulley is fixed to the rear wheel axle and connected via a drive belt that turns the wheels. Speed can be varied by altering the size of the pulleys.
The toy kit can be clipped together. Some tools are required to fix the motor to the chassis with bolts. 
There is also the option of handheld control with a wire attached. This can operate the car in a forward or reverse motion. The control can be assembled by the students.
These cars can be customised by the students and used for racing competitions.
There is also a solar option, making it a sustainable form of transport.
This toy kit is fully safe but requires some supervision.
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